Tuesday, June 16, 2009


MAMMA MIA - Saturday, June 20th
Magnuson Park Meadows - Sand Point

Presented by the Fremont Outdoor Movies and XBOX 360, we kick off our season off right, with some seriously good old fashion summer fun.

Put on dancing shoes, grab your friends, and sing along to the irrepressible ABBA music in the lush green Magnuson Meadows for an unforgettably fun evening. The perfect date movie!

Doors open at 7:30pm, with games and trivia starting at 8pm with our host Doug Willot, from Jet City Improv.

Backyard Barbeque: Come early and catch our neighboring event, with over a dozen barbeque sauce makers looking to win you over wit their tasty inventions.

Festivities include:
1. Musical Movie Madness Trivia – Fly solo or Team Up for fun prizes with our new weekly trivia contest supplied by the experts at SCARECROW Video The winner will receive the ULTIMATE MUSICAL DVD SURVIVAL KIT with the essentials to any musical movie lover.

2. ABBA Idol! Karaoke Contest – It’s American Idol to music of ABBA. Special guest judges here to help pick the SOLSTICE DANCING QUEEN Singer. 5 will play, but only one will win the Crown (yes, you will be crowned in front of everyone) and win their very own XBOX 360 complete. Sign up will take place on the night of event and space is limited Tell the door babe you want to be a contestant. Be there by 8 Pm.

3. MOVIE PHOTO BOOTH – Be an instant neighborhood celebrity and find your self on Flickr! Our fabulous Instant photo booth is back and its FREE! We supply the goofy get–ups, wigs, props, and backdrop, you supply the Kodak moment!

4. CHURCH OF ABBA - Presided over by celebrated and extraordinary Rev. Chumleigh who will lead motivated members from the audience in a light hearted mass (Moonie style) re-commitment or renewal of vows ceremony just before show time as only the reverend can serve it up.


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