Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We are very excited to share this fun exercise and film festival with everyone this summer. It's success is only as fun as you (our audience) makes this event.

In the spirit of a great filmmaker, MICHEL GONDRY, we are creating a "SWEDED" FILM FESTIVAL this summer at the FREMONT OUTDOOR MOVIES for movie fans troughout Seattle and around the globe, we will accept your film, so make it good!


1. The only films that you can swede for this festival MUST be from our line up
2. Every film must be under three minutes in length, So pick your favorite scene
2. You can not spend any money on this film - be creative and have fun
4. All entries must be received NO LATER THAN JUNE 15TH
5. Please keep in mind concerning graphic nature, as each film will be screened for approval

Before every movie this summer in Fremont, we will show the best "Sweded" Film short before the movie it was made after!

Check out our line up and let's get filmmaking!

Contest: $10 per entry, please send on DVD

All entries must be sent to:
Fremont Outdoor Movies
7005 3rd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98117

Weekly prizes every Saturday and the winners will have the opportunity to win the grand prize! TBA plus you get weekly notireoty and become a neighborhood hero!


theriverdrownit said...

Sounds cool, but do you have to make the movie your own? Meaning you can't make an exact copy of a scene, redoing it word for word exactly how the original actors say it? Because that's what I would want to do.

Also, where's the line up?

Casey said...

Sounds awesome! Can you include multiple 'sweded' films on the DVD that is submitted or is it 1 film per entry?

Daniel Marrin said...

Any way you can make the winners available on the Net?

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Pepe Cadena said...

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