Monday, May 4, 2009

"How I Stopped Worrying, and started to Love the Apocalypse"


"How I Stopped Worrying, and started to Love the Apocalypse" Survival Guide

Everything you need to know to survive the worst event in history. We think you should make the most out of anything and this isn't any different. More news to follow, but don't miss this rare event and meet the folks from NIGHT ZERO, appearing at Crypticon in Seattle - June 7th!

Learn to walk, talk, and dance like Zombie and participate in our attempt for the largest Zombie Gathering ON THE PLANET EVER! Plus, NIGHT ZERO is shooting a web short on the Fremont Zombie attack July 3rd, so join us and see fi you make it into the web short! which will be screened @ARMY OF DARKNESS two weeks later!

SPECIAL GUESTS and CONTESTS announced in June!


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